Is Facebook dead?

Yes, I have a feeling that Facebook is dead or nearly dead.

I think Facebook is full. There are simply too many people using it now. Facebook is now way too mainstream and way too riddled with unwanted commercial messages (and all sorts of flotsam & jetsam). I’m not complaining about the tidy little ads on the right-hand side of the page, but instead the streams of status updates and Tweets from mortgage brokers, politicians, car dealers and real-estate agents.

It’s as though there was a big conference a year ago and one of the guest speakers told everyone, they must be on Facebook, so they all ran back to their offices and signed up. Their status updates are sell-lines and listings, their shared photos are open houses and fixer-uppers.

Conspiracy theorists could say, Facebook was originally setup to trap 500 million people in one room so that real-estate agents, politicians and the like could walk into the room and cold-sell anyone they bumped into.

And have you noticed that everyone’s mom is on Facebook now? Moms, uncles, aunts..etc.

Facebook has become so mainstream that many of it’s original users have had to change the way they use it. Now that your uncle, your uncle’s boss, your mom and your mom’s company are on the same social network as you – you are not quite as free as you used to be with your thoughts and shares.

Totally made up statistics show that use of the ‘wall’ and photo sharing is way down by traditional users (young humans) and way up by non-traditional users (over 40’s & businesses). However, the use of Facebook’s message system is on the increase for traditional users.

Social network experts suggest the increase in use of FB’s message system and the decline in use of FB’s ‘wall’ is because traditional users are withdrawing into a more private area for most of their communications.

Traditional users are using Facebook less and less.

So what happens now? Is Facebook really dead? As soon as I get confirmation I’ll post it on my wall.

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