It's not a hockey game..

The PG Fury kick off their season tomorrow against Tacoma at the CN Centre (indoor soccer). Mike’s top five ways to tell you’re at a soccer game and not a hockey game tomorrow night at CN Centre.
#5. The playing surface appears greener and less slippery than usual.
#4. Rowdy Cat appears dejected and forlorn
#3. Plenty of room. Most of the seats haven’t been used in years.
#2. The Zamboni gets bogged down in the deep grass on turn three.
#1. Balls!


Prince George’s indoor soccer team will be known as The Fury. I was thinking it might be cool to have a more Prince George ish name. Considering that ‘The River’ is already taken here are Mike’s top five rejected Prince George ish names for PG’s indoor soccer team.
#5. One way street.
#4. The Drive thru.
#3. The Seppy (to pay tribute to our septic tank mascot).
#2. The Ice Jam.
#1. (to pay tribute to industry in PG) the PG Stink!

others to consider.. Balls of Fury, Road to the Bore, Bent like Benny, The PG Grass, Men in Cleats.

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