Little known changes to Facebook

Wow, Facebook sure has changed. Photos are larger, there is a new subscription mode, it’s easier to decide how much info you want to share and how much of other people’s info you want to see.

Mike’s top five little known changes to Facebook that most people haven’t noticed.

#5. Farmville now actually stinks.

#4. Under Account Settings you can now allow Facebook to try and make your life seem more interesting, by selecting “Improve my pitiful existence”.

#3. You can now become more productive at work by unselecting “huge waste of time” and selecting “small waste of time” in your account settings.

#2. Facebook’s new “terms of confidentiality” now only shows a record of credit card transactions of your friends, not ‘friends of friends’ anymore.

#1. With the new Facebook pulse monitor app, if you don’t pick up your phone at least once an hour Mark Zuckerberg will actually come to your house and see if you’re okay.

Oh, Facebook is still free. They will never charge us. We’re not the customer, we’re the product.

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