Little-known ways to lose weight

Bathroom scale

Just about everyone I know is on some kind of weight loss kick for the new year – here’s some free help. Mike’s top five little-known ways to get your weight down…

#5. If you spend a third of the day jumping, you can cut your weight in by a third, because for a third of the day your weight is zero. This method is only helpful if you use the daily-averaging method of weight control.

#4. Try standing on your toes to decrease your Body Mass Index score at the Doctor’s office. Seriously… 3 inches can give you an extra 7 pounds of leeway.

#3. Only weigh yourself on the Moon. 130 pounds on Earth is 22 pounds on the Moon. (Avoid Jupiter… you would be 307 pounds).

#2. Try hanging out with really slender, good looking people. Wait. Wrong list.

#1. Try moving to a really cold place, with lots of snow to shovel, high gas prices that force you to walk everywhere AND ill kept streets that make walking a more challenging workout!

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