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Little things that could help The Cougars

The Prince George Cougars lost their 8th in a row over the weekend. Maybe it’s time to try something a little less conventional when it comes to motivating team play. Sometimes changing some little things can have a big impact. The top five little things that could help turn the team around.
#5. Players, now eligible to win fun-gun t-shirts at the rink.
#4. All on-ice officials must now reveal where they are ticklish before the game.
#3. Serve up Tim Horton’s new premium lattes in the penalty box concession. After two or three penalties –
#2. To help loosen up the players – Drew Schoneck does a pre game interpretive dance to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.
#1. Score on the road, ride back to town. Don’t score, walk back.

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