New Year's Resolution: Quit Facebook

11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook In 2014 – click for the full story

Here’s my abbreviated take on why you (I) should quit Facebook this year (from the HuffingtonPost article “11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook”)…

  1. Reading is out, pictures are in.
  2. Can’t keep anything private.
  3. Too many parents on it now.
  4. Posting photos you don’t like.
  5. FB even keeps track of what you don’t say.
  6. FB makes you feel inferior.
  7. “Friends” you don’t even know.
  8. You realize you only really like about 20 people.
  9. Friends keep announcing engagements.
  10. Too many ads.
  11. Breaking up with someone is harder.

Here’s the real article from HuffingtonPost (with pictures)…

Also with Facebook… Did you hear about FAD? Maybe you have it?

Psychologists have introduced the diagnosis FAD — Facebook Addiction Disorder — as a new kind of addiction disorder. If you’ve got FAD, maybe it’s time to quit Facebook. Mike’s top five signs it’s time to quit Facebook.
#5. You suck @ Farmville!
#4. You find your work is becoming a nice break from Facebook.
#3. You have run out of clever status updates and have start re-tooling and re-using some of your earlier works.
#2. You just realized you are so much less interesting than everyone else you know and you are reminded of that fact every day of your life.
#1. Honestly? No hashtags?! #whatswithfacebookanyway

By: Mike Benny
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