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My suggestions for re-tooling PGTV

Next week PGTV becomes CKPG-TV and leaves the CBC network to become part of the E network. There are a lot of other changes too – Sandra Clermont anchors the news, great shows like E News with Ryan Seacrest, Deal or No Deal and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. Though when re-tooling the TV station they didn’t take ALL of my suggestions. Mike’s top five not used suggestions for re-tooling PGTV.

#5. Instead of The National, re-run Mike Benny’s old Honeymoon Suite and Glass Tiger interviews from Spruce Capital Rocks.

#4. Instead of This Hours Has 22 Minutes, This Hours has 27 Minutes!?

#3. Replace standard PGTV logo with Red Green’s face with a red line thru it.

#2. Hypnotize Allan Bristowe so that every time he mentions the “Edmonton Oilers” on the news, he drops and does twenty push ups!

#1. Sign on every morning with the Djs from The River singing “The hills are alive..”.

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