Not so popular Halloween TV specials and Pet Peeves

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was on last night. That is the most popular Halloween special on TV! Fox had the Halloween special “Kanye West’s ‘Makin the country folk cry all hallows eve’ musical special” and I thought, oooh, that’s not going to be too popular this year. Mike’s top five other not so popular Halloween TV specials
#5. CKPG TV’s Mike Benny’s “Sweaters I Wore on TV in the 80’s!!” — Now that’s scary!
#4. Balloon boy psycho dad’s ‘Scary ways to get on TV’ 2 hour special.
#3. The Dugger’s 18 kids, 17 costumes, help mommy pick who’s out, Halloween special’.
#2. Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Halloween Hangover’.
#1. CNN’s Nancy Grace Show. – That’s not a Halloween special?! But the mask?!


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