November 15 is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

November 15th is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

“The origins of National Clean out Your Refrigerator Day are not entirely clear; one Web site pins it on a Whirlpool Appliance Ad campaign from years ago, while other sites say it’s to make space for Thanksgiving provisions.  more here…

To help you out –> here are Mike’s top five tips for cleaning out the fridge…

#5. Throw out that salad dressing bottle that’s upside down in the door rack – if you haven’t used that last little bit yet, you’re never going to.

#4. That foggy Tupperware container that’s in the far back corner, that no one knows what’s in it… –> throw the whole thing out, Tupperware and all – before it climbs out of there on it’s own and eats the dog one night.

#3. Do it before you eat anything, so nothing comes up when you gag.

#2. When checking best before dates…. remember to check the year too.

#1. Get the job done quickly and don’t get wrapped up in that game where you open the door really quickly to see if you can catch the light still off. –> kept ME goin’ for hours!

*Originally post November 15, 2009

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