Qualifications to become a Canadian secret agent

Books in bookcase

CSIS is currently recruiting new spies. Cool! I wonder what the qualifications are? Mike’s top five lesser known qualifications to become a Canadian secret agent. #5. Have a valid drivers licence and have reached your 19th birthday. Same as radio DJs and circus roadies. #4. Preferably you have a really fast, super cool car, that …

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American Idol – Season 18

American Idol judges

Auditions for the Next Season of AMERICAN IDOL® Are Now Open! You can audition online now at abc.go.com and on-location auditions kick off on July 23rd in New York and wrap up on September 21st in Chicago. The new season starts March 3rd. How many Idol winners can you name? Laine Hardy (Season 17) Maddie …

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Empire of The Ants – Movie

One of the best ant movies of all time! If you’re freaked out by ants, count yourself lucky, at least you’re not dealing with some sleazy real-estate developer in the Florida everglades and giant super-smart radioactive ants! Empire of the Ants with Joan Collins and Robert Lansing (1977) may not be theee perfect movie for …

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Simple Black Bean Soup

The original recipe from Whitewater Cooks with Friends is called “sopa de black bean with salsa crema”. My version is slightly less spicy and I go with croutons as a topping, so I dropped the “with salsa crema“… Ingredients 2 cups dried black beans (soak them overnight) 2 tbsp vegetable oil 2 med onions 1 jalapeno …

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