Qualifications to become a Canadian secret agent

CSIS is currently recruiting new spies.


I wonder what the qualifications are?

Books in bookcase

Mike’s top five lesser known qualifications to become a Canadian secret agent.

#5. Have a valid drivers licence and have reached your 19th birthday. Same as radio DJs and circus roadies.

#4. Preferably you have a really fast, super cool car, that is also energy efficient (preferably a hybrid).

#3. Able to keep a secret or if you do tell someone something that is a secret you make them pinky swear not to tell anyone and if they do you tell them you will totally deny you ever told them that.

#2. You should be familiar with our Canadian secret high encryption codes (like spelling most words with an extra ā€œUā€ or a random extra ā€œEā€ every once in a while).

#1. You should be sneaky and deceptive, yet strangely apologetic about it.

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