Reasons for not getting rid of Mike's top five

Dear Mike & Lisa,

Just to let you know that the top 5 thing seriously doesn’t work. It is the reason all my colleagues and myself cannot listen to the river in the morning. Just some constructive criticism do what you may with it. Get rid of it if you are after listeners.

Thank you, Jason

Mike’s top five reasons for not getting rid of Mike’s top five.

#5. It would create an opportunity for an even more “tough to listen to” top 6 or top 7 list or God forbid a top 10 list.

#4. The void created between 7:10 and 7:12 every morning might cause people to nod off and go back to sleep making them late for work.

#3. What? And admit we were wrong about the whole “Mike’s top five will make us number one”, that we told Jim Pattison back in the 90’s.

#2. It’s hard to appreciate really good humor, unless you have something to compare it to.

#1. Without a daily counting backwards exercise DJ’s lose their counting backwards abilities. That’s what happened to Casey Kasem.

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