Reasons why I didn't do so well at the Music Festival

The 57th Annual PG Music Festival is wrapping up. Two Finale Performances will be Friday night at the PG Playhouse. “The Showcase” at 5:30pm (I’ll be there to host) and then “The Gala Concert” at 8pm. Gala tickets are $10.00 and available at Studio 2880 or at the door. Again this year, I was entered in the music festival, but I didn’t do so well. Here are some of the reasons why I think I didn’t do so well.

#5. Some in the audience seemed put off by my Team Canada jersey, my big foam finger and the uni-tard I borrowed from Judy Russel’s The Nutcracker!

#4. The words “utterly awful” seemed to come up a lot during judges comments.

#3. The bulk of my repertoire may have included too many Kesha and Lady Gaga songs (particularly my accordion remix of TikTok).

#2. Apparently nothing on Guitar Hero II qualifies as Post Romantic Impressionist.

#1. One of the judges may have a point – maybe I have watched School of Rock too many times.

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