Searching for some #poetry for your #sweetheart today?

Bacon Valentine's card
Bacon Valentine's card from 4/Four

If you have been searching for some poetic lines for your sweetheart today, here are some to avoid. Mike’s top five not so great Valentine’s Day lines (aka what not to write in your Valentine’s card).
#5. “Roses are red, I drive a Volvo…” This one can end three different ways and they’re all bad.
#4. Adele’s “She loves me, she loves me not – Oh, excuse me, is that my snot.”
#3. “I would like to hold your hand and whisper some words, as soon as I’m done on this level of Angry Birds.”
#2. “I like your hair, the way it smells like bacon – Is that your perfume or is your kitchen not ventilatin’.”
#1. “Can’t wait to hug and kiss you when you walk in the door – If I miss you, I know I’d be weepy like this here cold sore.”

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