Signs things just aren't going our way #BadDay

Play again
Play again? I won a play again? Sweet!

Gas is nearly $1.30 now, our city taxes are going up by at least 3%, Hydro is giving us fancy new expensive meters, I’m pretty sure our Shaw bill goes up every month and now we’re going to lose an hour of sleep over the weekend with the time change. It almost seems like things just aren’t going our way. Top five other signs things just aren’t going our way.

#5. Brian Burke would like to see us in his office after the game tonight.

#4. At any point in the day we find ourselves running with a bathroom plunger.

#3. For any reason we find ourselves Google-ing the word “suppository” this morning.

#2. We mistake the boss’s handshake for the kid’s “pull my finger”. (Ooops)

#1. Our roll up the rim says “please do NOT play again — — ya looser”.

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