Signs you were at Pemberton last weekend


Over 115,000 music fans enjoying 120 performances – that was Permberton 2015. Check out the highlights from 2015 here!

lol… had to laugh when I saw this from 2008…

Despite traffic problems, shuttle trouble and way too much dust, thirty thousand people took in the Pemberton festival over the weekend! Mike’s top five signs you were at Pemberton this weekend.

#5. You went thru $100 worth of gas, driving from Pemberton to Whistler. Unless you were driving the new 2009 TDI Clean Diesel Jetta.(Note: Shameless plug for Hub City Motors.)

#4. You’re pretty sure Jay Z was looking right at you when he did “99 problems..”.

#3. 35 km per hour seems really fast.

#2. After four showers and a pressure wash this morning – there’s still sand in your ears (and a few other places).

#1. Waiting 45 minutes to get in the bathroom this morning, seems like nothing.

*Official press release for 2015 here.

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