Top five signs you were pranked last April Fool's Day

Yum. Nutella and Ex-lax

April Fool’s Day is coming up on Sunday. Remember the rules, all pranks must be in fun, do no harm and be finished by noon. Be fun, do no harm and be done by noon? Sounds like This morning show!

On the day after April Fool’s Day, you can usually spot the people that have been pranked. Top five signs you were pranked on April Fool’s Day.

#5. Still have a chipped tooth from trying to roll up the rim on your travel mug.

#4. You ended up married to Ashton Kutcher.

#3. Pants optional bus service sounded believable..

#2. There’s no way your falling for that “don’t worry it’s free parking downtown” joke again!

#1. Your pretty sure, you’ll never forget the taste of Nutella and Ex-lax.

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