Snowy weekend in PG

Top five things about a snowy weekend in Prince George
#5. You didn’t have to rake leaves.
#4. After setting the clocks back, you got an extra hour of shoveling in.
#3. At Canadian Tire, the line up for winter tires only slightly longer than the line up for snow shovels.
#2. You saw two penguins hitch hiking south (too much snow). And it’s really hard for penguins to hitch hike (no thumbs).
#1. However much snow you got; at least you know they have twice as much in the Hart

That was a real winter weekend we just had. Snow, blowing snow and very cold. Top five things it looked like when you went outside this weekend.
#5. The Polar Express.
#4. The before picture in a Head & Shoulders commercial.
#3. The living room carpet, after Whitney Houston sneezes.
#2. Mike Benny’s May legs.
#1. Prince George in December! What are you? New!?

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