Spring in January in Prince George

Slushy street
Van drives through slushy street – CKPG.COM

Boys was it ever windy yesterday. I stepped outside and got a whiff of second hand smoke from a guy in Vanderhoof.  It sure was warm too… yesterday we hit +8 C (normal temp is a high of -4 low of -12) and huge puddles everywhere. It’s like spring in January…

Top five other things about spring in January in Prince George.

#5. Knowing it’s not going to last.

#4. Getting to make up super cool words like “Chinookocolypse”.

#3. That seriously confused Daddy Long Legs on outside wall of the garage.

#2. Being unable to determine the depth of a pothole when it’s full of water.

#1. Can’t decide whether to take skates or a kayak to the ice oval.

Mike’s top five other signs we’re almost half way thru winter.

#5. Talk about snow removal is now at the sensitivity level of a root canal.

#4. Everyone you know on Facebook is in Hawaii or Mexico – or they’re just getting back.

#3. Nobody at works says “good morning” anymore… everyone just mutters something about the roads and sits down (faint aroma of driveway salt and Absorbine Junior).

#2. Thanks to two ice ruts, eleven inches deep – your drive to work is now hands-free.

#1. Just broke your last remaining New Years resolution (after three re-starts).

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