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Top five ways to make yourself feel older than you are

Today is “As Young As You Feel Day”, a day to try and be as young as you feel. I found an on-line article with the top five ways to make you feel younger.

  • Lose that extra weight
  • East less red meat
  • Be sure to get enough sleep
  • Always look on the bright side of things
  • Keep moving
Haters gonna hate dog
Haters gonna hate

… and I started to think about the other side of feeling younger – feeling older. There are some things you can do to make yourself feel older too. Mike’s top five ways to make yourself feel older.

#5. Talking to anyone (aside from your physician) about your bodily functions. Talking about your gas, your poops or any other emissions will take you straight to the front of the old-person line.

#4. Trying to sound all hip with gangster slang. First of all it’s not gangster , it’s gansta. Also, apparently it’s “Haters gonna hate”, not “Haters going to hate”. Read more

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Preparations for going to a rock concert if you are over 40

Hedley, tonight at CN Centre. Mike’s top five preparations for going to a rock concert if you are over 40.

#5. Instead of earplugs – plug in your i-pod and blast John Tesh’s “Silence is Golden”.

#4. If the last concert you went to was Honeymoon Suite at the Coliseum – FYI, apparently white socks, sandals, shorty shorts and neon muscle shirts are no longer “hip”.

#3. This is a rock concert – no questions, no talking.

#2. Don’t take any sinus medication today. You want to be good and stuffed up tonight.

#1. Reschedule everything tomorrow that will require your hearing.

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