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Differences between the American Bachelor and the Canadian #Bachelor

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison host of the US version

The Bachelor Canada will air this fall! It will be a Canadian version of the hit show and will be shot this spring. Right now they are seeking potential Bachelorettes at CityTV.com/BachelorCanada. Mike’s top five differences between the American Bachelor and the Canadian Bachelor.
#5. We feel the need to spell it with a “u”. B-a-c-h-e-l-o-u-r.
#4. Instead of the host downing Margaritas in between segments, everyone passes around a giant beer.
#3. I don’t think the American version of the show has a Zamboni segment, does it?
#2. Roses cost a lot more up here, so instead, there will be a dandelion ceremony.
#1. Bachelors are selected from a pool of rejected contestants from Canada’s Worst Driver, Canada‚Äôs Worst Handyman and Man Tracker. Sorry ladies!

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Is your real life just a reality tv show?

Bachlorette, Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen, Jersey Shore… There is so much reality tv on tv right now, sometimes I wonder if my real life isn’t just someone else’s reality tv show. Mike’s top five signs maybe your real life is really a reality TV show.
#5. You never go to the bathroom.
#4. Every once in a while Julie Chen shows up and has a heart to heart.
#3. You and about nine other guys all seem to be going after the same girl, but you can only see her between 8-9pm Monday nights..
#2. After The Super Nanny leaves, the kids are well behaved but you just can’t find that bottle of wine you were saving for that special occasion.
#1. A trip to the pool with the kids now includes the big red balls, the smack-wall, a sweeper arm and a dizzy dummy.

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