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I'm on vacation!

I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation!!
I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation!!

This is one of my favourite top five lists for two reasons…

1. Posting it usually means I’m on vacation.

2. Posting it usually means I’m on vacation.

Mike’s top five signs that Mike is on vacation (circa 2008)…

#5. I am drinking coffee after 3pm!

#4. I’m not getting paid, but it’s only slightly less than I usually get paid.

#3. I have no reason to ever leave Tim Hortons!

#2. I walk around saying things like, “Looks like a high of 27 today. Keep listening for your chance to call..” to total strangers.

#1. I’m getting up at 7am and that’s sleeping in three hours!


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Signs someone is working while they're on vacation

20% of Canadians say they don’t stop working while on vacation. You can usually spot people who are working while they’re on vacation, they’re the ones at Fair or at the park looking at their watches, telling the kids to hurry up and have a good time. Mike’s top five other signs someone is working while they’re on vacation.

#5. Their pick for movie night is always RV!

#4. They’ll only consider campsites that have wi-fi or a Starbucks near by.

#3. The family road trip involves, pee stops, gas stops and “daddy just has to run in and meet with this man, so sit quietly for the next two hours” stops.

#2. They’re the ones at the beach all cranky, complaining about the sand and the glare from the sun on their laptop.

#1. Can’t wait for this damn vacation to be over, so I can finally relax!

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