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We stand on guard for thee..

Mike’s top five preparations you should be making for Canada Day. #5. Apologize for cutting in front of someone, even though you didn’t. #4. If you don’t have a Canadian flag – wash your Toronto Maple Leaf jersey with something red. #3. Practice getting up from the grass after eating your souvlaki, so you don’t …

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Why is Canada in 2nd place on the World Happiness Scale?

Canadians are the second happiest group in the world according to a new study released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The index covers 11 areas: housing, incomes, employment, social relationships, education, the environment, the administration of institutions, health, general satisfaction, security and the balance between work and family. The United States …

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The election in 30 words

IN 30 WORDS: Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have a majority government and Jack Layton’s NDP will be the official opposition. Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals placed 3rd and Ignatieff lost his seat. The Bloc are done. THOUGHTS: When I saw Ignatieff’s speech last night it reminded me of the T-Rex in Meet The Robinsons – “I have a …

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