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Top five possible reasons why Daniel may or may not play tonight

Daniel Sedin

Top five possible reasons why Daniel may or may not play tonight.

#5. Downton Abby season finale is on and he can’t figure out his PVR.

#4. He is a heart-strong hockey phenom who wants nothing more than to rise above the pain and take the game he loves by the handles and own that ice.

#3. Pretty buzzed about the idea of a Daniel Seden hologram.

#2. He embodies a quintessential Canuck and won’t be stopped by anything.

#1. It’s all part of an elaborate scheme to Punk Jonathan Quick. He’s totally stoked to show up in front of Jonathan tonight with Justin Beiber and say the words; “you’ve been Punk’d!”

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What to do with all the Bruins hats?

Game 7 tonight. Either the Vancouver Canucks or the Boston Bruins will win the Stanley Cup. This is certain.

Here’s a question… right after a team wins a championship, immediately they’re all putting on hats with the championship written on them and the year and the name of their team, what happens to the hats that were made up for the team that lost?

Tonight will there be a bunch of “Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Champions 2011” ball caps in the trash behind Rogers Arena?

Never mind. The Canucks didn’t win. Big freakin’ riot, no hats anywhere.

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