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Mike's top five advertisements you might hear on the CBC

The CBC has decided to start running radio advertisements on CBC Radio-2. They think they can make 50-million dollars!

CBC Radio adsWhat? You can make money by running ads on a radio station?! Hmmm, that might just be crazy enough to work.

Mike’s top five advertisements you might hear on the CBC

#5. Fair-trade caffeine free, half-calf double-decaf chai latte mix.

#4. No-Doz.

#3. A ridiculous commercial featuring random CBC radio DJ’s dancing and lip syncing to Maroon Five’s Moves Like Jagger.

#2. Jian Ghomeshi’s new book. “I’m Just Me, Which is Better Than You”.

#1. The Fiddling East Coast Comedians Live at Budokann box set.

Any others? Comment here…

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Existing songs that CBC is NOT even considering

This Saturday night the top five new Hockey Night in Canada music themes will be unveiled. I was thinking, there must be a lot of existing songs they could have used. These are the top five existing songs that CBC is NOT even considering.

#5. Mandy by Barry Manilow

#4. Pass The Dutchie – Musical youth

#3. Muskrat Love – Captain and Tennille

#2. I Shaved My Legs for This – Deanna Carter

#1. Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

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