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Fun things about having a new co-host from out of town

This morning, the River announced that Lisa Daigneault (Dan-yo) has been selected to fill the north chair position on Prince George most listened to morning show starting Monday February 1st. Lisa has been hosting the morning show at The Mix in Prince Rupert for the last year. So she’ll be new to PG. Mike’s top five fun things about having a new co-host from out of town.
#5. Explaining how to pronounce Ques-nelle.
#4. They usually think I’m the boss, at least for the first little while.
#3. A chance to re-use all those “Top 5 signs you’re not from here” Top 5 Lists.
#2. Nice to have someone gullible enough and new enough to PG that you can tell them the Cougars are re-building this year.
#1. Nice to have someone around who hasn’t heard all 4 of my jokes already!

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Things I'll have to remember with a new co-host here

Lisa starts Monday. Top five things I’ll have to remember with a new co-host here.
#5. Don’t refer to her as Melissa, Jody, Amy, Jessica or Lindsay or Shawna or Ken.
#4. Don’t talk too much about space travel, conspiracy theories and war movies for the first few weeks.
#3. Never ention-may the ood-fay ash-stay in the upboard-kay.
#2. Seal up that clause in the contract about ‘you may leave after the completion of one year of your sentence – err job”.
#1. Don’t refer to her as Number Six.

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Tips for traveling to Vegas with Lindsay Rae

Top five tips for traveling to Vegas with Lindsay Rae.
#5. When the plane banks right, she can’t help but lean left (and go ‘weeeeee’).
#4. Never get between Lindsay and drink cart.
#3. When going thru security she sometimes calls herself Maria, loves to recount her days at the Abbey in Salzburg and refers to the border guard as ‘Herr Zeller’.
#2. If she starts a group sing along of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, you’re best just to let her finish.
#1. If you see her walking thru the casino muttering something like ‘I wanna hold em like they do in Texas please..’, step away from the DJ.

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Things I have learned from Lindsay Rae over the last year

Aside from, realizing that a person really can spend too much time on Facebook, you really can send mounted snow tires through the mail and What Would Tyler Durdin Do is much more reliable than Perez Hilton, here are Mike’s top five other things I have learned from Lindsay Rae over the last year.
#5. The difference between pie sweats and poutine sweats.
#4. Frankie can be a girls name.
#3. You don’t have to be a cat hording, recluse to do a morning show with Me.
#2. Never make fun of Brad Paisley unless you’re prepared for a whuppin’.
#1. I guess anyone really CAN play Dodgeball.

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The top five signs your co-host is half your age

Lindsay’s birthday is coming up on Saturday. Mike’s top five signs your co-host is half your age.
#5. Your parking spot has been there longer than she has.
#4. She keeps referring to pre 2004 music as “our oldies component”.
#3. She keeps asking for help with her history homework between the songs.
#2. Her and her little friends affectionately refer to you as “Papa co-host”.
#1. She really hates The Famous Birthday Challenge whenever it gets over thirty!

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Changes you'll need to make BEFORE you can become a civilian

Today, Shawna Prince goes back to her regular life and leaves full time early mornings behind. Shawna has been filling the North chair since Jessica Rankin left “years” ago. Shawna will be entering civilian life under an assumed identity in an undisclosed location where they stay out late and drink coffee whenever they want. For a morning show DJ it is not always easy to make the transition to civilian life. So, Shawna, here are the top five changes you’ll need to make BEFORE you can become a civilian..

#5. Stop ordering your Tim Horton’s coffee by the metric ton.

#4. “On the outside” it’s not always acceptable to refer to other people by their butt size.

#3. Stop being so darn perky! In the real world nobody wants to see that.

#2. In the real world when you open the door and holler; “Shawna needs a sandwich; now!” — someone probably wouldn’t run and fetch one for ya — like they do here.

#1. Not everyone will be interested in how “this is just like that episode of 90210, when..”

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