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Changes you'll need to make BEFORE you can become a civilian

Today, Shawna Prince goes back to her regular life and leaves full time early mornings behind. Shawna has been filling the North chair since Jessica Rankin left “years” ago. Shawna will be entering civilian life under an assumed identity in an undisclosed location where they stay out late and drink coffee whenever they want. For a morning show DJ it is not always easy to make the transition to civilian life. So, Shawna, here are the top five changes you’ll need to make BEFORE you can become a civilian..

#5. Stop ordering your Tim Horton’s coffee by the metric ton.

#4. “On the outside” it’s not always acceptable to refer to other people by their butt size.

#3. Stop being so darn perky! In the real world nobody wants to see that.

#2. In the real world when you open the door and holler; “Shawna needs a sandwich; now!” — someone probably wouldn’t run and fetch one for ya — like they do here.

#1. Not everyone will be interested in how “this is just like that episode of 90210, when..”

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What we're looking for in a new co-host

Jessica Rankin is leaving Prince George! Jessica is set to embark on a new chapter in her life, thus leaving Mike in her wake. If we were to make this about me, the headline might read: Benny loses another co-host! If you think maybe you’re qualified for the job – aside from the usual technical and professional requirements, here are Mike’s top five “other things” we’re looking for in a new co-host.

#5. Preferably someone named Jessica, or someone willing to change their name to Jessica (that way we can keep the Mike & Jessica jingles). Special consideration will also be given to anyone named Uma.

#4. You should be able to shotgun three large french vanillas, with chocolate glazed chasers in under four minutes.

#3. No car; preferably. I really want Jessica’s parking spot!!

#2. Ability to listen closely to advice and direction given by co-host. This is something new we’re going to try.

#1. Somebody who can openly discuss the perfect nose hair trimmer, talk at length about her cats need to lick itself while at the same time tell off color blonde jokes and drop C bombs just to watch Mike squirm – all morning, five days a week!

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Observations about Mike & Jessica

Shawna from SAIT is joining us on the morning show this morning. Shawna is here to study what it is really like to be a radio DJ. [Shawna] Here are my top five observations about Mike & Jessica in the morning.
#5. Their boss, Ron, shows extreme patience and care dealing with their fragile egos and low self esteem.
#4. Mike Woodworth’s incredible poise and professionalism while under extreme presure.
#3. Mike Benny’s poise and professionalism while — flicking elastics at Mike Woodworth, during the newscasts.
#2. You guys really do get huge amounts of free food every morning!
#1. The thing I noticed most about Mike & Jessica In The Morning: I hear two Mikes, a Todd, a Ron, a Jay and a Becky on your show – but not Jessica! Where the heck Jessica?!

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Changes in Jessica over three years

As of today, it’s three years for Jessica on the morning show! Top five changes in Jessica over the last three years.
#5. When she started, she was unsure, insecure and timid. Now she’s Jessica.
#4. Has just past the 1,000 mark on total C bombs.
#3. Has grown a sixth toe.
#2. Can now send and receive email and edit and save a document.
#1. She’s finally almost half way thru all her stories about her cat.

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