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Top five ways to tell it got a little chilly last night in #PrinceGeorge

It got a little chilly last night. Mike’s top five ways to tell it got a little chilly last night!
#5. A caroler going door to door, hit the high note in Good King Wenceslas and shattered.
#4. Even though you killed it, your Christmas tree was at least grateful to be inside.
#3. When you get off the bus this morning, you tell the driver “keep it running, I’ll be back in 8 hours.”
#2. At dinner, you decided not to go with metal knives and forks.
#1. Your dog plans to ‘Kegel’ until May.

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Mike's top five signs it's pretty darn cold.

It was minus 28 this morning when I got up and I was thinking, man it’s pretty darn cold out there for November. Mike’s top five signs it’s pretty darn cold.

#5. The last four people who have said “cold enough for ya?”, are “missing”.

#4. You saw a politician with his hands in his own pocket.

#3. The chairman of the board of Terasen gas has called twice to thank you for your support.

#2. The furnace shut off just for a moment last night and you were thinking “hey, what’s that sound?”.

#1. At dinner, you’re no longer using metal knives, forks and spoons.

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