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Floss, polish and reclamation

Don’t you love going to the dentist for a cleaning? Your teeth feel so smooth and clean. You can go like this “thhhhhh” between every tooth.

We know we’re suppose to clean our teeth like that after every meal, but we don’t. It’s not that we can’t clean our own teeth or we don’t know how. It’s just better when someone else does it.

So, here’s my big idea…

How about we set up Floss N’ Go booths at the mall food court?

You finish your lunch, you pop in there and for like 5.99 they professionally floss your teeth and you get on with your day.

Maybe there could even be a 6.99 ‘floss and polish’ special too, or the 8.99 ‘floss, polish and reclamation’ special?

With the ‘floss, polish and reclamation’ special the “FPR”. They could baggy all the remnant food bits they collect from your mouth and you could take them home for the dog or for a snack for later. Okay… that’s gross.

Good idea?

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Is your #RRSP stressing you out?

A survey by the Royal Bank found that deciding what to do with your RRSP is as stressful as going to the dentist.

The Canadian Dental Association is really upset with this, saying their members have been working for 200 years at trying to scare the b’geepers outa people, and to have some upstart RRSP guy shoot to the front of the line just isn’t right!

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Things I learned after my dental surgery

I had a little visit with Dr Ozcan and his wonderful staff on Friday morning to have a wisdom tooth and a mis behaving molar removed against their will. Pretty cool stuff; they put you out, get ‘er done and a half hour later you make up, feeling pretty buzzy with a mouth full of cotton. Aside from not getting to keep the cool goggles they give your to wear, here are Mike’s top five other things I learned after my dental surgery on Friday.
#5. After coming out of an anesthetic a person is more greatly affected by Earth’s gravitational forces.
#4. Love it when when my brother phones every 20 minutes from Calgary just remind me how much of a wimp I am.
#3. Not having anything to eat or drink for 12 hours before surgery is only made slightly more unbearable if the office Tim Horton’s order arrives just before you go under.
#2. Lying on the couch all day is not as fun as you’d think if all you get to eat is yogurt and broth.
#1. Disappointing to find out afterward that, apparently, 48 years old is the cut off for the Tooth Fairy.

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Time to see a dentist?

One third of us did not see a dentist last year. Top five signs maybe you need to see a dentist.
#5. You would easily fit in to the front row of a grade one class picture!
#4. Your dentist has only paid for half of his winter vacation so far.
#3. You found a piece of popcorn stuck between your teeth from when you went to the theatre to see Grease (Grease 1).
#2. You haven’t had a glass of ice water since April, 2002.
#1. It really hurts when you go like this “Thssssssssss”!!

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