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The race is on to beam Martian DNA back to Earth | Geekquinox

File this one under “How could this possibly go wrong?”. Geez, don’t these guys watch movies?

J. Craig Venter, the American biologist who led the first private efforts to sequence the human genome, wants to send what he calls a ‘digital biological converter/teleporter’ to Mars. He hopes it will find Martian DNA, sequence it and beam the information back to Earth for scientists to recreate the Martian lifeforms in a lab.

via The race is on to beam Martian DNA back to Earth | Geekquinox – Yahoo! News Canada.

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Can you please hold? Or would you rather hold?

Dear Shaw,

I had some trouble with misdirected email yesterday. So I called your number and you said “heavy call volume — blah, blah — If you would like us to call you back, press 7..”

So I’m thinking — I don’t want to be on hold for 15 or 20 minutes, so I select the option to have you call me back.

You did. You called back about two hours later. I explained the problem, answered your questions, you took all my info, account number.. etc. Then you said, “okay.. just hold on and I’ll be right back”.

I was holding for over 15 minutes…

I was laughing at the idea of me not wanting to be on hold, so instead I selected the option where you would call me back later to put me on hold. That’s funny.

My problem is not resolved. I had to hang-up during my extended call-back holding session, for the same reason I didn’t want to be on hold in the first place, I didn’t want to tie up the phone for 15 or 20 minutes.

So my choices are, a) I call you and you put me on hold, b) You call me and put me on hold, c) I switch to the phone company, so they can put me on hold, or d) I resolve to whine and complain to anyone who will listen.

Once again “d” wins!

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Inventions that have failed in the past

The Dragons’ Den is holding an open audition in Prince George on March 11th. All inventors and inovators are welcome to show their offerings. When it comes to inventions and inovations; they’re not all good. There have been quite a few failures in the past. So we don’t repeat our mistakes, here are Mike’s top five inventions that have failed in the past.
#5. The 1-D camera.
#4. Preparation G.
#3. Parking meter cozies.
#2. Prorogue-gane (a hair tonic that pauses hair growth).
#1. The precursor to G-Mail; F-Mail!

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