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Drawbacks of getting an extra hour at #timechange

Daylight Savings Time ended at 2am, so we all get an extra hour in our day today. Mike’s top five drawbacks of getting an extra hour.
#5. Knowing the clock in the dashboard of the van will be off by an hour til next spring.
#4. Cher, singing that darn song, “If I could turn back time.” Over and over and over in your head all day.
#3. Change the clocks, the batteries in the smoke detectors, change the time on the coffee pot and the thermostat — what extra hour?!
#2. Waking up at 2am, just to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day for an hour.
#1. Forgetting and showing up an hour early for 6am hockey practice at Kin 3 this morning.

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Things I like about Fall

That was a beautiful weekend! So sunny and warm and everything is still so green, it makes you think Fall will never come. “No offense Fall. We still do like you, just not that way – yet.” Mike’s top five things I like about fall.

#5. Two words: bugs gone (or going).

#4. You can start keeping the beer in the garage again. The garage doubles as the world’s largest beer fridge.

#3. Back to long pants. Shorts and bare legs are not my strong suit.

#2. Dark when I get up at 4am, dark when I go to bed at 4pm. This makes napping so much easier. Slightly confusing, but easier.

#1. At least two full on turkey dinners and a few pies, guaranteed, over the next four months!

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The fall home show

The PG Fall Home Show was on over the weekend. Here are the top five least popular exhibits at this years show.
#5. The leaning tree house erector set.
#4. The BYOB home brewing kit. A home-based business for people who like to party, but don’t like to have booze in the house.

#3. The cross country skiing squirrel. Not near as popular as the water skiing squirrel.
#2. The place that was selling muffin bottoms – muffin tops are over rated.
#1. That guy that was selling cold water whirlpool tubs.

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