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How to prepare for #GroundhogDay

Groundhog day is February 2nd. Mike’s top five ways to have fun on Groundhog Day.
#5. Watch the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, then watch it again the next day and the next day…
#4. Go around the office all day making crude jokes about seeing ‘Willy’s shadow.’
#3. Bring a big flashlight to work and amaze your co-workers by making amusing shadows on everyone’s walls.
#2. Get up on the morning, put on your Wookie costume, run around the backyard screaming “me shadow, me shadow, I can’ts finds me shadow”.
#1. A pile of fake fur on the kitchen floor, a large box of Groundhog Helper on the counter and let the kids figure it out for themselves.

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Day off with pay!

So, provincial Liberal leadership hopeful Christy Clark is saying ‘if you elect me your leader, you may get a day off in February’. She said yesterday, she is considering giving us all a provincial holiday in February (if she becomes premier) so families could spend more time together (Family Day).

Quote, ‘In British Columbia, families will go 111 days this year – from New Year’s to Easter – without a chance to unwind and spend time together.’

Now other people in the party are saying things like, “oh you shouldn’t promise stuff like that, you’re just giving the people what they want”, “She’s just trying to be popular”, “people will just support her because they like what she’s saying”..

So pardon our enthusiasm. I know that a day off in February is a long way off. But this is the first time in a long time one of you political types has offered us something we actually want. Let’s keep it up!

So, to the five other candidates running for the head of liberal party and those “other ones” running for the head of the other party, on behalf of “the people”, promise away! You know what we want! Time off, more money, lower taxes..

It’s not like we really believe you’re going to keep your promises anyway, so promise away!


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