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We stand on guard for thee..

We will celebrate Canada’s 144th birthday at Fort George Park on Friday. Mike’s top five preparations you should be making for Canada Day.
#5. Apologize for cutting in front of someone, even though you didn’t. Then, they apologize for cutting in front of YOU.
#4. If you don’t have a Canadian flag – wash your Toronto Maple Leaf jersey with something red.
#3. Practice getting up from the grass after eating your souvlaki, so you don’t have to do that big roll-over on your side, squishing they kid’s ice cream bar while you try to stand up.
#2. Practice holding it. Remember public restrooms lose their ‘sanitized for you protection’ status after being open for 2 or 3 minutes.
#1. Google the words to Oh Canada – so at least you can mouth the words if you have to.

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Top five Flag Day activities

Today is Flag Day in Canada. The Canadian flag was approved for use on this date back in 1965.

Here are some suggestions for celebrating the day.

In the shower this morning, totally nail O’Canada including the French verse!

Go stand outside city hall and flap in the breeze.

Wave to someone.

Try standing on guard for thee.

Don’t do anything special and go to work just like it’s a regular day.


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