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Steps to avoid spreading the flu

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The flu is starting to circulate around here, people are dropping like flies.

The radio station is taking steps to avoid spreading the flu, as a matter of fact we are taking five steps to avoid spreading the flu.

#5. Surgical masks, rubbing alcohol and Swiffers are now available at the reception desk for all visiting guests.

#4. Not only washing our own hands, but now the Traffic Dept. will wash all visitors and guests hands as well.

#3. Instead of the DJ’s shaking hands with guests and visitors we now just wave and nervously smile from the other side of the protective glass.

#2. “Staying home when you don’t feel well” has been replaced with “coming to work and working, but keeping to yourself and not touching anyone else’s stuff”.

#1. Each DJ will now be issued their own 20 pack of Tim Bits instead of the usual communal 900 pack that they usually just dump in the hall.

#1a. The breaktime ritual of all the DJ’s passing around one juice box and taking a sip has been replaced by group visits to the 2nd floor fountain.

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No flu shot

It’s flu shot season. Do you get a flu shot this year? Do they work? What if you get one and your co-workers don’t? There are a lot of questions about flu shots. These are the top five benefits of NOT getting a flu shot.
#5. No one asks you to pass them anything.
#4. One fake cough and no one sits beside you at the staff meeting.
#3. Chasing people who did get the flu shot with your fake vomit all over the office.
#2. Pretending to do a giant sneeze – then looking around at everyone and yelling – “didn’t get me yet, ha ha ha!”.
#1. You might actually really be sick when you phone in sick this winter.

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