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from a fellow Top Fiver – Mike’s Top Five Fort Wayne Hamburgers

from a fellow Top Fiver in Fort Wayne…

Mike’s Top Five Fort Wayne Hamburgers

Posted on February 8, 2012 by Mike Flohr

Don Hall's Gas House is one of many Fort Wayne locations where you can find the Big Buster!
Don Hall's Gas House is one of many Fort Wayne locations where you can find the Big Buster!

I eat out. A lot. If you’ve been following my posts, you know that already. While I’ve focused on particular restaurants thus far, I thought I’d do something a little different this time out. I’m starting a series of posts I call my “Favorite Fives.” Each list will be – you guessed it – my five favorite foods in a particular category.

Entrées, appetizers, desserts, you name it, I have a list for it. Some posts may be pretty detailed, some may just hit you with the facts. The first list is one of the latter and equally the easiest and the most difficult for me to assemble: my favorite five hamburgers. The beauty of hamburgers is that they’re like snowflakes…no two are quite the same. Read more

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What is a banger?

This is a banger
This is a banger.

Thank you Wikipedia…

The term “bangers” is attributed to the fact that sausages, particularly the kind made during World War II under rationing, were made with water so they were more likely to explode under high heat if not cooked carefully.

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#Valentine's Day gift ideas (cheap)!


If you don’t have a lot money to spend on your sweetheart this year, you might be looking for some cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas — so we asked our Facebook friends for some advice…

  • Make a card
  • Don’t buy anything. It’s really cheap that way. 🙂 lol
  • Lap dance 😉
  • Home made dinner, book of homemade coupons for foot rubs and kitty litter cleanings
  • Buy yourself a present. You got to love yourself too.
  • Giving her money to buy her own gift..
  • No roses…. Buy other flowers… Roses have a crazy markup on v day
  • My hubby loves chocolate, so I’m making him a chocolate cupcake bouquet! Google it, their pretty cool!
  • An IOU for flowers on the 15th when all the left overs are marked down..?
  • Just be single and stay single! men are all liars n scam artists anyhow 😉

Here are five more…
#5. A nicely framed list of all the things your mother said you should look for in a mate.
#4. Spell out her name with Kit Kats and red suckers from last year’s Halloween stash.
#3. Spell out her name in the snow.
#2. Remember, there’s no better way to show respect and admiration for someone than good sturdy handshake (be sure to wash your hands first if you also did number three).
#1. Remember nothin’ says lovin’ like a heart shaped meatloaf in the oven (and that’s not a euphemism for something, I mean an actual meatloaf in the oven)!

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How to prepare for #GroundhogDay

Groundhog day is February 2nd. Mike’s top five ways to have fun on Groundhog Day.
#5. Watch the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, then watch it again the next day and the next day…
#4. Go around the office all day making crude jokes about seeing ‘Willy’s shadow.’
#3. Bring a big flashlight to work and amaze your co-workers by making amusing shadows on everyone’s walls.
#2. Get up on the morning, put on your Wookie costume, run around the backyard screaming “me shadow, me shadow, I can’ts finds me shadow”.
#1. A pile of fake fur on the kitchen floor, a large box of Groundhog Helper on the counter and let the kids figure it out for themselves.

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