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Top five teacher gift ideas

As the school year comes to an end it’s time to start thinking about teacher gifts. Seriously, you can’t beat a Tim Horton’s gift card, but if you’re trying – here are Mike’s top five other great teacher gift ideas.
#5. A handsome plaque listing all of your teachers accomplishments next to Ghandi’s accomplishments.
#4. Sunglasses. To protect their ‘pupils’ (ha ha ha ha..).
#3. A Pi.
#2. Don’t give them anything and say ‘it’s the principal of the thing’ (ha ha ha ha..).
#1. Summers off!!

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Tips for re-gifting

In the words of Yoda the great Jedi Master, “Ah my young re-gifting apprentice. If re-gift you must — then must you re-gift?”. Re-gifting is more of a science than an art, so before you embark on your journey of enlightened re-gifting here are a few tips from the master. Mike’s top five tips for re-gifting.

#5. Do not re-gift to the same person that gave you the original gift. I know this seems obvious, but it has happened, that’s why I mention it.

#4. Before re-gifting clothing, remove deodorant dust from all pits and crevices (and give it a nice shake to freshen it up a bit).

#3. Remember to apply a price tag, then remove most of it, revealing just a small piece of the tag.

#2. Carefully remove monogram stitching. NOTE: Do not remove monogram stitching with your teeth and tongue (especially if you have a weepy cold sore)!

#1. No calenders, no underwear and no home-made beer.

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Furby mania

Does anyone remember the craziness of “The Furby Christmas”? The Christmas of 1998, was the year every kid wanted a Furby and parents went to incredible lengths for get Furbies. Here’s my top five list from December 5, 1998
Top five signs you’re getting too caught up in Furby mania.
#5. On the back of your bowling shirt it says “The Furbinator”.
#4. You think those guys who camped out for a week to buy Tragically Hip tickets lacked focus.
#3. You’re seriously considering bypassing the whole toy Furby thing and just buying a real live “Ron Polillo”.
#2. Shopping with you involves your Mastercard, shoulder pads and air support.
#1. You were just rudely awaken by the sound of the store managers keys.

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Crazy shopping

Top five crazy things about Christmas shopping this weekend in Prince George.
#5. It was so busy at the mall, even the key cutting place had a line up.
#4. People were offering you more for your parking spot, than they were for your Wii.
#3. Canadian Tire was totally sold out of electric nose hair trimmers (don’t ask me how I know).
#2. I don’t even know what a Webkin is, but I know I needed three – a seal, a caribou, and a kitty. (I found the seal and the caribou – but – do you think I could borrow Fat Sam til January?)
#1. What are you guys doing? Christmas is two weeks away..

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Online Christmas

Online shopping is expected to be up again this year. Here are the top five problems with “an online Christmas”
#5. Online paying.
#4. When your order arrives you realise those guys at Viagra dot com have no sense of humour!
#3. All your letters to Santa keep getting returned by some guy named Mailor Daemon.
#2. Turns out the thing you bought is the same size as it was on your computer screen.
#1. Boy oh boy – you buy one thing from The House of Thong dot com and all of a sudden you’re getting all these weird spam emails!!

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