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Top five possible reasons why Daniel may or may not play tonight

Daniel Sedin

Top five possible reasons why Daniel may or may not play tonight.

#5. Downton Abby season finale is on and he can’t figure out his PVR.

#4. He is a heart-strong hockey phenom who wants nothing more than to rise above the pain and take the game he loves by the handles and own that ice.

#3. Pretty buzzed about the idea of a Daniel Seden hologram.

#2. He embodies a quintessential Canuck and won’t be stopped by anything.

#1. It’s all part of an elaborate scheme to Punk Jonathan Quick. He’s totally stoked to show up in front of Jonathan tonight with Justin Beiber and say the words; “you’ve been Punk’d!”

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Pond hockey is not the same as regular hockey

Next weekend is the Northern Regional Pond Hockey Championship at West Lake. Pond hockey is pretty cool, but it’s not the same as regular arena hockey. Mike’s top five things to remember about pond hockey.

#5. It’s not really a pond, it’s a lake.

#4. The Zamboni is smaller, slower and resembles three guys with shovels, a broom and a garden hose.

#3. You may need a fishing license to use the outhouse (depends on where they put it).

#2. A good slap shot can go on forever!

#1. Essential gear: Helmet, gloves, shin pads, cup and … a life jacket!


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It's not a hockey game..

The PG Fury kick off their season tomorrow against Tacoma at the CN Centre (indoor soccer). Mike’s top five ways to tell you’re at a soccer game and not a hockey game tomorrow night at CN Centre.
#5. The playing surface appears greener and less slippery than usual.
#4. Rowdy Cat appears dejected and forlorn
#3. Plenty of room. Most of the seats haven’t been used in years.
#2. The Zamboni gets bogged down in the deep grass on turn three.
#1. Balls!


Prince George’s indoor soccer team will be known as The Fury. I was thinking it might be cool to have a more Prince George ish name. Considering that ‘The River’ is already taken here are Mike’s top five rejected Prince George ish names for PG’s indoor soccer team.
#5. One way street.
#4. The Drive thru.
#3. The Seppy (to pay tribute to our septic tank mascot).
#2. The Ice Jam.
#1. (to pay tribute to industry in PG) the PG Stink!

others to consider.. Balls of Fury, Road to the Bore, Bent like Benny, The PG Grass, Men in Cleats.

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