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Mike's top five other ways of expressing your hotness

It sure was hot yesterday and it’s going to be even hotter today! Aside from walking around saying “Boy this is hot!”, here are Mike’s top five other ways of expressing your hotness.

#5. “I’m sweating like Spencer Pratt at a spelling bee.”

#4. “My cows are giving evaporated milk.”

#3. “Pass me the spatula! I need to get out of my car seat.”

#2. “I’m sweating so much, I’ve shorted-out three ankle bracelets already!

#1. “My espresso gave me a brain freeze this morning.”

#1a. “I’m so hot, I’d test positive for Snapple right now!”

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Top five ways to prepare for the heat

Might be a hot one today. Mike’s top five ways to prepare for a hot day.

#5. Put on extra ice cubes before you leave for work and consider putting a couple of ice packs in your pockets on the way out the door too.

#4. If you find yourself at the LC, pay the extra buck for the stuff from the cooler.

#3. See if the garden hose will reach the bedroom (for an improvised water bed in needed).

#2. Lock down the oven. Nobody cooks anything indoors! Coffee and toast cooked on the BBQ!

#1. Consider “just sandals” today, instead of your usual “socks and sandals”!

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