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The HST report

The provincial government will spend two million dollars to “educate” us about the HST, before we have to vote on it this summer. The government says the 2-mil ad campaign will be “neutral”. fyi – the HST on $2,000,000 is $240,000.

Sunday is the city-wide clean-up. Details here. Lisa and I did our part yesterday, “cleaning up” the parking lot.

The Canucks won last night and lead the series two games to nothing now. “What could possibly go wrong?”.

Summary: Putting words in quotes, seems to imply skepticism as to their “intended meaning”.

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Good things about the HST?!

Mike’s top five good things about the HST coming July 1st..
#5. It’s harmonized?
#4. Almost out of my tube of Preparation H-ST!
#3. 12 percent less heavy money to carry around.
#2. Finally catching up to the Atlantic provinces when it comes to our antiquated west coast taxation laws.
#1. I’m really looking forward to referring to it by it’s street name, “Hizzle, Sizzle, ma Tizzle”!!

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