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The River Wake Up with Mike and Jessica

The Wake Up with Mike and Jessica – May 20, 2014

Here’s the “official” release…

MAY 15, 2014
The River Wake Up 8.0

PRINCE GEORGE: This morning, at a widely attended press conference, 101.3 The River programming phenom Ron Polillo announced the return of Jessica Rankin to The River’s flagship morning franchise. As usual Polillo kicked off the press conference by joking with reporters. “Knock knock” he said, “Who’s there?”, “Co-host”, “Co-host who?”, “Jessica Rankin!”

Knock, knock…

“Jessica is so well known in this community, there’s not much more I can say except, we are super excited and slightly nervous about this whole thing”, Polillo said.

Jessica has been honing her skills in the Far East, writing songs about The Great Lakes and trains and is excited to be back in the North Chair (since she didn’t get much of a send-off the last time she left and is still quite bitter about that).

Jessica hosted The River morning show with Mike Benny for nearly four years and currently holds the record for longest serving co-host. Jessica will hold two titles as “#4” and “#8”.

Jennifer Lee will now hold the record for shortest serving co-host, but retains the official title of “#7.1”.

For his part, Mike Benny has apparently used up all the co-hosts and is starting over again in reverse alphabetical order using a proximity bias. Fitting that criteria to a T, is Jessica Rankin.

“The River Wake Up with Mike & Jessica” will officially kick-off after the May Long Weekend on Tuesday May 20, 2014.

For promotional and advertising opportunities please contact:

Ron Polillo
Program Director
101.3 The River

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Suggested names for Mike Benny's morning show

With Jessica starting her new job in Ontario this morning, what will we call the morning show on The River? Mike’s top five suggested names for Mike Benny’s morning show.

#5. Mike and Uma in The Morning.

#4. Michael Benny’s Lord of the Shower (ala Lord of the Dance)!

#3. One man, one monkey and a pizza.

#2. Mike’s Krispies.

#1. I’m still here – no prospects.

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What we’re looking for in a new co-host

Jessica Rankin is leaving The River Wake Up! As of May 15th, Jessica will be joining The River Sale Force and thus leaving Mike in her wake. If we were to make this about me, the headline might read: Benny loses another co-host!

If you think maybe you’re qualified for the job – aside from the usual technical and professional requirements, here are Mike’s top five “other things” we’re looking for in a new co-host.

#5. Preferably someone named Jessica, or someone willing to change their name to Jessica.

#4. Someone who can openly discuss the perfect nose hair trimmer and talk at length about dog poop!


#2. Ability to listen closely to advice and direction given by co-host. This is something new we’re going to try.


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Take Mike & Jessica to school?

We’ve got the Take a Cougar to School contest on now. We just finished the Take a Globetrotter to School and Take a Monster Truck to School. What’s next? Take Mike & Jessica to School? Top five cool things about Mike & Jessica coming to your school.
#5. Every time a name comes up in History class, Jessica guesses their age.
#4. Teacher is less likely to call on you to answer a question when Mike Benny always has his hand up.
#3. It would be fun at recess to learn all those new “grown-up words” from auntie Jessica.
#2. It’s funny to see the disappointment on Mike Benny’s face when he realizes, grade five’s don’t get a nap time.
#1. You’ll all seem so much smarter.

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Changes in Jessica over three years

As of today, it’s three years for Jessica on the morning show! Top five changes in Jessica over the last three years.
#5. When she started, she was unsure, insecure and timid. Now she’s Jessica.
#4. Has just past the 1,000 mark on total C bombs.
#3. Has grown a sixth toe.
#2. Can now send and receive email and edit and save a document.
#1. She’s finally almost half way thru all her stories about her cat.

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