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How to spot a phony fifty dollar bill

The new plastic Canadian fifty dollar bills are out this week. Bad guys might take this opportunity to pass some phoney fifties around. Mike’s top five ways to spot a phony fifty dollar bill. #5. You notice an unusual amount of chaffing around your dance thong. #4. When you hold it up to a 40w …

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Worst ways to make some quick money

Your City property taxes are due Friday. So unless you have that sweet deal were your bank takes out a little every month, right now you’re probably scrounging to come up with a few thousand dollars by the end of the week. Mike’s top five worst ways to make some quick money. #5a. Quickly find …

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Bad financial advice

All this week on More Money, it’s Free Advice Week. We have tons of Free Financial advice that we are giving away free of charge. But, before we get started here are Mike’s top five signs the advice you’re getting might be bad financial advice. #5. It involves saving $1.10 a day by getting ‘the …

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