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Signs you were at Pemberton last weekend


Over 115,000 music fans enjoying 120 performances – that was Permberton 2015. Check out the highlights from 2015 here!

lol… had to laugh when I saw this from 2008…

Despite traffic problems, shuttle trouble and way too much dust, thirty thousand people took in the Pemberton festival over the weekend! Mike’s top five signs you were at Pemberton this weekend.

#5. You went thru $100 worth of gas, driving from Pemberton to Whistler. Unless you were driving the new 2009 TDI Clean Diesel Jetta.(Note: Shameless plug for Hub City Motors.)

#4. You’re pretty sure Jay Z was looking right at you when he did “99 problems..”.

#3. 35 km per hour seems really fast.

#2. After four showers and a pressure wash this morning – there’s still sand in your ears (and a few other places).

#1. Waiting 45 minutes to get in the bathroom this morning, seems like nothing.

*Official press release for 2015 here.

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Squamish Valley Music Festival 2015 – Lineup

Squamish Valley Music Festival 2015 Lineup
Mumford & Sons
Sam Smith
Of Monsters And Men
Alabama Shakes
Brandon Flowers
Schoolboy Q
Mother Mother
Chance The Rapper
Adventure Club
Porter Robinson
Hot Chip
The Kills
Milky Chance
Vance Joy
Death From Above 1979
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Royal Blood
Angus & Julia Stone
George Ezra
Gorgon City
Slightly Stoopid
and more…

Ticket and event info – right here!

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The top five ways to tell a song came from an illegal download site

The US Supreme Court is forcing a guy in Rhode Island to pay $675,000 for illegally sharing music on the Internet. The judge worked it out to $22,500 for each song that was downloaded and shared.

To help you avoid inadvertently taking part in any of this illegal activity, here are the top five ways to tell a song came from an illegal download site.

#5. You didn’t have to pay for it. Basically if you’re not paying for it, it’s not yours.

#4. You’re surprised to see you have a Ruben Studdard and a Taylor Hicks CD in your collection, but your all your Train and Maroon Five songs are missing. Dang that file sharing!!

#3. In the middle of the night your computer makes a whiring noise, then in the morning you see all of your passwords are stolen and your hard-drive is erased.

#2. As soon as you’re done a big download, the black suburban with the blacked out windows, no license plate and the big antenna on the roof is suddenly not parked out in front of your house.

#1. The #1 way to tell a song is a pirated song – every second word in the song is “ARRRRRRR”!!

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Reasons why I didn't do so well at the Music Festival

The 57th Annual PG Music Festival is wrapping up. Two Finale Performances will be Friday night at the PG Playhouse. “The Showcase” at 5:30pm (I’ll be there to host) and then “The Gala Concert” at 8pm. Gala tickets are $10.00 and available at Studio 2880 or at the door. Again this year, I was entered in the music festival, but I didn’t do so well. Here are some of the reasons why I think I didn’t do so well.

#5. Some in the audience seemed put off by my Team Canada jersey, my big foam finger and the uni-tard I borrowed from Judy Russel’s The Nutcracker!

#4. The words “utterly awful” seemed to come up a lot during judges comments.

#3. The bulk of my repertoire may have included too many Kesha and Lady Gaga songs (particularly my accordion remix of TikTok).

#2. Apparently nothing on Guitar Hero II qualifies as Post Romantic Impressionist.

#1. One of the judges may have a point – maybe I have watched School of Rock too many times.

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Preparations for going to a rock concert if you are over 40

Hedley, tonight at CN Centre. Mike’s top five preparations for going to a rock concert if you are over 40.

#5. Instead of earplugs – plug in your i-pod and blast John Tesh’s “Silence is Golden”.

#4. If the last concert you went to was Honeymoon Suite at the Coliseum – FYI, apparently white socks, sandals, shorty shorts and neon muscle shirts are no longer “hip”.

#3. This is a rock concert – no questions, no talking.

#2. Don’t take any sinus medication today. You want to be good and stuffed up tonight.

#1. Reschedule everything tomorrow that will require your hearing.

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