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Northern Lights Estate Winery – Morning Show visit

Doug and Pat from Northern Lights Estate Winery in Prince George
Doug and Pat from Northern Lights Estate Winery in Prince George

Thank you to Doug and Pat Bell from Northern Lights Estate Winery for stopping by 101.3 The River this morning!  Ashley and I really enjoyed our little Friday morning wine tasting! Loved the Black Current!

Northern Lights Estate Winery is Canada’s most northern winery on the banks of the Nechako River, it’s a fruit winery that will include a restaurant and an outdoor natural amphitheater. Opening summer 2015!

By: Mike Benny
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How to enforce an outdoor smoking ban in #PrinceGeorge

City Council has endorsed pursuing a bylaw to restrict smoking outside around Civic facilities such as parks and playgrounds.

smoking-signA good idea, but tough to enforce… Here are some suggestions for enforcing an outdoor smoking ban at City facilities.

#5. At the next parade, city councilors walk the route with squirt guns and those little electric fans to deter smokers.

#4. At the next Civic event hire actors to mill thru-out the crowd giving stern looks of disapproval to smokers.

#3. Kick up the water spray park to provide smoke deterrence cover for all of Ft. Geo. Park.

#2. The City could lead by example: At the next fireworks display, instead of lighting them up, just a have a picture of fireworks and a guy on the loudspeaker going “phew, phew, phew!”

#1. Free Nicorettes at all Civic events.

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With the arrival of the Royal baby – let's re-name our city

baby-prince-geoWith the arrival of the new Royal baby, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, there has been some talk (here in the city of Prince George) of a name change for our city.

Some people are saying there will be too much confusion when people try to search for Prince George on the Internet and end up looking at baby pictures instead of what the city has to offer.

and remember this story….

Just over a year ago then Abbotsford Coun. Simon Gibson sent an email to officials of the city of 80,000, telling them Prince George sounds “musty, old-fashioned and lifeless” and suggested the city seriously consider changing its name as Lower Mainland residents frequently confused the locale with the also royally-named Prince Rupert.

I say let’s do it!

Let’s re-name Prince George! My personal suggestions…

#5. “Not Prince Rupert”. This would be the least expensive alternative and would simply involve buying old signage and letterhead from Prince Rupert and adding the word “Not”.

#4. We could name ourselves after one of the great animals that are plentiful in the area. I recommend a Shih Tzu. According to statistics, you are far more likely to encounter a Shih Tzu than a moose or bear in Prince George. Imagine all the good jokes about a city named “Shih” for short.

#3. We could simply change the prefix “Prince” to an appropriate high ranking alternative and go with “Captain George”.

#2. My personal favourite, “Curious George”.

#1. We could take our lead from that big time singer/songwriter from the 80’s and 90’s and go with — “The City formerly known as Prince”.

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Top five signs it's spring in Prince George

The PG Shih Tzu
The PG Shih Tzu

Spring is here! You can tell because it snows in the morning, melts in the afternoon and it stays bright outside til after six now! Mike’s top five other signs it’s spring in Prince George!

#6. 3cm of snow on the ground this morning. :/

Mike’s top five signs it’s spring in Prince George!

#5. Pothole dodging has transformed 5th Ave into BC’s longest automobile slalom course (a demonstration sport at the Canada Winter Games in 2015?).

#4. Six months of Shih Tzu nuggets in the backyard, even more overpowering than that smell coming from the mill.

#3. Hockey is done. Just waiting for spring hockey to start before hockey school gets underway.

#2. You go to Canadian Tire looking for a snow blower and all you see is patio furniture and lawn mowers.

#1. Probably only three or four major snow storms left before June!

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Top five things they're really doing with Mr PG

I heard that Mr. PG should be back up and in his new spot by the end of the month. Apparently he’s getting a bit of a makeover. Top five things they’re really doing with Mr PG.

#5. They’re taking him up in a balloon 24 miles then dropping him – – to see if he can break that 833 mph record free fall.

#4. Secretly installing ICBC’s largest red-light intersection camera in his head.

#3. Trying to find a giant “Sanitized for your protection” strip to fit across his head.

#2. Packing him up in smaller pieces so they can take him as carry-on luggage when they go to China.

#1. They’re really hoping he wins The River’s Diva Den contest, otherwise it’s just sandpaper and paint for the old boy.

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