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Top five indications it is almost March

There are some obvious indications that March is almost here and there are some not so obvious indications — Mike’s top five less than obvious indications that it’s almost March.
#5. The squirrel in my backyard seems to be even more active than Jay Z, George Clooney, Mel Gibson and Rod Stewart right now!
#4. I notice I have a unique combination of soccer cleats, court shoes AND hockey skates in the back of the van.
#3. After meeting with the RRSP guy, I realize I’ve been mathematically eliminated from retirement. Again!
#2. Two cold sores and a chipped tooth later – I realizing not all cups are roll up the rim cups.
#1. Playing connect the dots with the rock chips on my windshield I can now create an entire stick-people family.

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Is your #RRSP stressing you out?

A survey by the Royal Bank found that deciding what to do with your RRSP is as stressful as going to the dentist.

The Canadian Dental Association is really upset with this, saying their members have been working for 200 years at trying to scare the b’geepers outa people, and to have some upstart RRSP guy shoot to the front of the line just isn’t right!

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The top five ways you can tell it’s March

March is here! Aside from Olympic athletes that inspired a nation going back to surviving on dorm food and begging for government hand outs. Mike’s top five other ways you can tell it’s March.
#5. Five months worth of doggie nuggets are simmering on school fields and playgrounds.
#4. We’ve been out of playoff contention for several weeks already.
#3. After missing the RRSP deadline again, you realize you’ve been mathematically eliminated from retirement.
#2. A lot more kids in elementary schools raising their hands to spell this month more than last month.
#1. You have soccer cleats, court shoes AND hockey skates in the back of the van.
#1a. Feels like you haven’t heard the word Groundhog in quite a few weeks.

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