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Top five signs your grad may be financially illiterate

A recent study finds that Canadian high school seniors are financially illiterate when they graduate.

A good way to tell if your graduating son or daughter is financially illiterate, is to ask them prices of things they consume everyday. Graduating students should know the price of bread, gas, rent, tuition their cell phone plan.

Tauntaun Action Set
Tauntaun Action Set

Mike’s top five signs your grad may be financially illiterate!

#4. He sees nothing wrong with me starting a top five list at number four.

#3. He called collect on Mother’s Day; from downstairs.

#2. Says he can’t be illiterate; he’s seen his baby pictures and he knows you and mom are his real parents.

#1. Frequently feels the need to quote The Count from Sesame Street when he’s at the ATM.

#1a. Actually thinks his Chrome Bust of Darth Vader (circa: 2001) is worth more than his Luke Skywalker Tauntaun Action Set (circa: 1991).

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Money saving tips for buying a new or used car

Here’s an article I posted on my Morning Show blog. Please comment below if you have anything to add.

Money saving tips for buying a new or used car…

Buying a new car is big deal. It’s probably the second largest purchase you’ll ever make. It will be well worth the effort to give the process some thoughtful consideration.

First, lets assume you’ve done your research and you’ve chosen the right vehicle (sounds like a no-brainer, it’s not). Here are five tips to help you save some money when buying a new or used car.

1. Cash or financing? Read more

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