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Things you should know about napping

Thirty-four percent of us have napped in the last 24 hours.

A survey of 1,488 adults revealed that, men are more likely to nap than women. Napping for just 10 minutes can enhance your alertness, mood, and mental performance.

Here are Mike’s top five things you should know about napping.

#5. If it’s under an hour it’s a nap, over an hour it’s sleep.
#4. If you awake from one of your “naps” and you’re no longer employed – maybe it wasn’t technically a “nap” – more a “passing out”.
#3. Your pants must remain on the entire time (particularly important if you’re napping at work).
#2. “Nodding off in the council chamber” is NOT to be used as a euphemism for anything other than sleeping during city council meetings.
#1. If you wake up from your nap with one of the kids screaming “watch out dad!!” – it could be time to pull over to the side of the road.

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Not sleeping? Here's why…


Not sleeping? Experts say these are the ten most common reasons for not sleeping well.

  1. relationship strife
  2. in bed with baby
  3. aging
  4. a busy schedule
  5. depression and anxiety
  6. medication
  7. environment
  8. you’re a woman
  9. too much napping
  10. late night eating

Hmm, I said yes to eight of these and I still sleep okay.

So, I guess being oblivious trumps any of these!

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Sleep experts?!

Sleep experts say healthy adults need six to eight hours of sleep every night and they say, over 60% of us are getting less sleep than we need. Thank you sleep experts. What kind of ‘experts’ are you guys? ‘Um.. a bunch of you are having trouble sleeping.’ We know that. Can you help? Do you have more to offer than an observation? This is like taking your broken computer to a computer expert and the guy says ‘yup, eees broken’.

By the way, financial experts are saying we’re not saving enough for our retirement.

Nutrition experts say we’re not getting enough fresh vegetables in our diet.

Relationship experts are saying we’re not sharing enough.

And we’re not spending enough time with our kids..

The good news is, our sarcasm and cynicism levels are way up and are more than compensating for any shortfall!


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