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Tons of snow AND it's still snowing #princegeorge

20cm of snow on the ground this morning and it’s still snowing AND it’s going to get really windy later today. Nice! Top five things you might be thinking this morning.

#5. “Accu this! Snowpocalypse!” or “Accu your face! Snowpocalypse!”

#4. I sure hope it doesn’t get really windy on top of this.

#3. I hope that guy in front of me knows where he’s going, cause all I see is taillights.

#2. Com Scan has detected an energy field producing large amounts of snow in an area of the sixth planet of the Hoth System.

#1. Where’s Fluffy? Did someone let Fluffy outside?

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Is there a Snow Plow in #PrinceGeorge?

Dear Mike Benny,
Father says if you hear it on The River, it must be so. Father also says there is no one more cynical than Mike Benny. That’s why I’m asking you this question. Dear Mike Benny, is there a snowplow in Prince George? The kids at school all say there isn’t. They laugh and poke fun when I say there is. Would you please settle this once and for all and answer my question? Yours truly, Virginia

Dear Virginia,
Those kids at school are wrong. They’re jaded and much like myself becoming more and more cynical. Of course there is a snowplow in Prince George. I know you can’t see the snowplow, but some things don’t need to be seen to be believed. Yes, when it comes to City snow removal, we never actually see the snow plows, but if they’re not there, then where does that 5.2 million in tax money go every winter? And, as sure as we get snow in December, the streets are almost always completely clear of snow by early June every year. So, yes, Virginia of course there is a snowplow.

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Differences between Martian snow and Earth snow

The Canadian weather station on the Phoenix Mars Lander has spotted snow on Mars. Top five differences between Martian snow and Earth snow.

#5. On Mars 90% of the snow evaporates before it hits the ground.

#4. On Earth 90% of all the snow falls on The Hart.

#3. Martian weather stations can accurately predict snow with 95% accuracy.

#2. Here – we’re pretty sure it’s going to snow sometime between September and July. Every once in a while maybe August.

#1. On Mars it’s okay to eat yellow snow – but don’t touch the purple stuff!

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Snowy weekend in PG

Top five things about a snowy weekend in Prince George
#5. You didn’t have to rake leaves.
#4. After setting the clocks back, you got an extra hour of shoveling in.
#3. At Canadian Tire, the line up for winter tires only slightly longer than the line up for snow shovels.
#2. You saw two penguins hitch hiking south (too much snow). And it’s really hard for penguins to hitch hike (no thumbs).
#1. However much snow you got; at least you know they have twice as much in the Hart

That was a real winter weekend we just had. Snow, blowing snow and very cold. Top five things it looked like when you went outside this weekend.
#5. The Polar Express.
#4. The before picture in a Head & Shoulders commercial.
#3. The living room carpet, after Whitney Houston sneezes.
#2. Mike Benny’s May legs.
#1. Prince George in December! What are you? New!?

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