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Problems with cycling in Prince George

I sure am seeing a lot more cyclists on the road lately. Here are the top five problems with cycling in Prince George.

5. Keeping two double-doubles and a single-single in the little basket without getting the Timbits wet.

4. Potholes.

3. Deciding between hitting the icy patch or risking the puddle of indeterminate depth.

2. That wet strip of puddle water up the back of your suit!

1. People driving their cars, looking enviously, as you text and talk on your cell all the way to work!

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The caterpillars are here! Cool things about caterpillars.

Tent caterpillar image from Wikipedia
Tent caterpillar image from Wikipedia

Cool things about Tent Caterpillars…

  • Their super cool science name is “Malacosoma”.
  • They build “tents” in trees wherever there is morning sun.
  • The tent is made of layers of silk.
  • Hundreds of caterpillars will live in a tent.
  • Their body temperature must be at least 15 C for their digestive system to work, so they stay in the tent to warm up before beginning their day.
  • On a sunny day the temperature in the tent can get too hot and they will leave the tent and rest in shady areas.
  • After eating they always return to the same tent.
  • They leave a pheromone trail wherever they go, so they can follow the trail back to the tent.
  • If they find a good source of food, they will return to the tent to tell the others.
  • They poop out about half of the mass they ingest. When they poop it sounds like falling rain in a forest.
  • They eat for 6-8 weeks (complete their cycle), do the cocoon thing for two weeks, then become moths, mate, lay eggs (their eggs can withstand mid-winter temps of -40 C) and the cycle starts again in the spring.
  • They have boom bust population cycles, with peaks every ten years.

Note: In most cases eating the leaves does not kill the tree. (Wikipedia: Defoliated trees typically refoliate after caterpillar attacks and experience no lasting damage. In some cases, however, trees or parts of trees may be killed after several seasons of repeated defoliation).

Note: They have no natural enemies (they don’t taste good).

Note: There is no spray or treatment that is effective at controlling large populations, however protecting single trees might be possible… (Wikipedia: One effective way to remove them is to place a bucket 1/4 filled with water near the infected tree; the tent caterpillars will be attracted to the bucket and drown. An effective deterrent is to ring the trunk of a tree with a sticky substance, such as tar, axle grease, or Vaseline).

Well, nothing to do but laugh about it! Here are my top five caterpillar jokes!

What does a caterpillar do first thing in the morning? Poop.
What does a caterpillar do on New Years Day? Turns over a new leaf!
What comes out of a caterpillar volcano? Larvae.
What’s green and dangerous? A caterpillar with a machine gun!
What is a caterpillar’s favourite hockey team? San Jose Sharks! (just kidding…Leafs!)

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Why isn't the May Two-Four on the 24th?

Short answer…


… because Victoria Day is celebrated on the last Monday before May 25th… and May 25th is a Sunday this year… so May 19th is “the last Monday before the 25th”.

So the long weekend is actually a week early (and nowhere near the 24th)!


… Victoria Day (in French: Fête de la Reine) is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. (wiki)

Why “Two-Four”?

… colloquially known as May Two-Four in parts of Canada; a double entendre that refers both to the date around which the holiday falls (May 24) and the Canadian slang for a case of twenty-four beers (a “two-four”). (wiki)

Fun Fact…

Canada is the only country that commemorates Queen Victoria with an official holiday.

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Top 5 Signs it’s the first day of Spring!

Dirty car

Spring officially arrives at 9:57am with the Spring Equinox. But, there are other ways to tell it’s the first day of Spring…

5. It’s March 20th…

4. Scraping your windshield in the morning and washing your car in the driveway in the afternoon.

3. Two words: Cadbury Eggs!

2. Your buddy from Australia just called to complain about the fact that summer is over and it’s the first day of fall!

1. At the gas station, they’re re-label the “Traction Sandbags”, “Flood Protection Sandbags”.

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Spring in January in Prince George

Slushy street
Van drives through slushy street – CKPG.COM

Boys was it ever windy yesterday. I stepped outside and got a whiff of second hand smoke from a guy in Vanderhoof.  It sure was warm too… yesterday we hit +8 C (normal temp is a high of -4 low of -12) and huge puddles everywhere. It’s like spring in January…

Top five other things about spring in January in Prince George.

#5. Knowing it’s not going to last.

#4. Getting to make up super cool words like “Chinookocolypse”.

#3. That seriously confused Daddy Long Legs on outside wall of the garage.

#2. Being unable to determine the depth of a pothole when it’s full of water.

#1. Can’t decide whether to take skates or a kayak to the ice oval.

Mike’s top five other signs we’re almost half way thru winter.

#5. Talk about snow removal is now at the sensitivity level of a root canal.

#4. Everyone you know on Facebook is in Hawaii or Mexico – or they’re just getting back.

#3. Nobody at works says “good morning” anymore… everyone just mutters something about the roads and sits down (faint aroma of driveway salt and Absorbine Junior).

#2. Thanks to two ice ruts, eleven inches deep – your drive to work is now hands-free.

#1. Just broke your last remaining New Years resolution (after three re-starts).

Image from CKPG News story…

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Five ways to prepare for the May long weekend

May not be a good time to camp

Mike’s top five ways to prepare for the May long weekend.

#5. Switch from spf 15 to Turtle Wax.

#4. Hide all your camping gear, before the kids find it.

#3. Stock up! It’s called the “May 2-4” weekend for a reason.

#2. Spend $75 on a fishing license and fishing gear, just to end up at the Save On fish counter by Sunday night anyway.

#1. Fill every container you own with gasoline, before the price goes thru the roof at 5pm Friday! ** It hit 142.9 Friday afternoon!!

and if you’re actually contemplating going camping this weekend, here are the top five signs you need to invest in an RV.

#5. After tenting last year on the May long weekend, you ended up with both frostbite AND sunburn.

#4. You caught your kids on craigslist offer to sell a Coleman stove, lantern and tent, cheap!

#3. Your tent trailer doubles as a wheelbarrow in the off season.

#2. One night in the rain, shivering in the fetal position, while watching vulture-sized mosquitoes carry off your Shih Tzu, is one night too many.

#1. Puss filled, blotchy, swollen eyes and face from a rare combination of mosquito bites, allergies and using gasoline to start the campfire.


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