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Problems with cycling in Prince George

I sure am seeing a lot more cyclists on the road lately. Here are the top five problems with cycling in Prince George. 5. Keeping two double-doubles and a single-single in the little basket without getting the Timbits wet. 4. Potholes. 3. Deciding between hitting the icy patch or risking the puddle of indeterminate depth. …

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Top 5 Signs it’s the first day of Spring!

Spring officially arrives at 9:57am with the Spring Equinox. But, there are other ways to tell it’s the first day of Spring… 5. It’s March 20th… 4. Scraping your windshield in the morning and washing your car in the driveway in the afternoon. 3. Two words: Cadbury Eggs! 2. Your buddy from Australia just called …

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