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It was soooo hot yesterday.

How hot was it? I saw two fire hydrants fighting over one dog. The internal temperature of the work fridge was 1.7 degrees! (normally 1.6) Follow Workfridge on Twitter I got a brain freeze from my espresso! Cows were giving evaporated milk! The Ice Cream Stand had to changed it’s name… Ice Cream Sit. I …

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Ways to tell summer is half over

Saturday, marked the halfway point of summer. Aside from the date on the calendar there are other ways to tell summer is half over. #5. The kids are always home and holy cow do they ever ask a lot of questions! #4. I’m thinking about returning my fishing license for a full refund. #3. I …

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Top five signs it's summer at work

It’s a short week thanks to having Monday off. It’s already Wednesday and I love short weeks in the summer because so many people are on holidays and everywhere you go it’s TEMPS, part-timers & newbies… Mike’s top five signs it’s summer at work. #5. Same DJ appears to be on anytime you turn on …

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