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They’re just not that into the #SuperBowl

Ricky Ray
Go Eskimos!!

Not everyone is into the Super Bowl. Top five signs that someone is not really into the Super Bowl.

#5. Every time someone says the words “Super Bowl” they conjure up images of giant toilets and giggle to themselves.

#4. They awkwardly observe that if each touchdown is 7 points, they’re just like dog-year-points.

#3. They honestly think it has something to do with bowling.

#2. After the half-time show they get up from the couch, stretch, yawn and say “okay… so who’s up for that Gilmore Girls marathon on channel 21?”

#1. You shout “GO!”, they shout “Eskimos!”.

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NFL Super Bowl XLVIII – Cheat Sheet


The Teams:

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Where:

New Jersey (MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford)

The When:

Sunday, February 2, 6:30 PM (East)

The Weather:

It’s an outdoor stadium, so the weather will affect the game. Looks like light snow and temps around freezing (get an update).

The Game:

Just to say it out loud – it’s Football. American Football. The NFL. This is the last game of the year, between the two top teams in their divisions, it’s called The Super Bowl.

The Prize:

The trophy is called the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It has been awarded to the Super Bowl winner each year since its inception. More on the trophy here.

The Scoop:

The Seahawks are the underdogs. Their quarterback, Russell Wilson is a rookie, this is only his 2nd season in the NFL.

Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Broncos, he’s been to the Super Bowl twice – winning it once.

Most experts expect the Broncos to win.

Find out more here with EOnline’s “Football 101: Your Basic Cheat Sheet to the 2014 Super Bowl

The Singers:

Queen Latifah will sing at the pre-game show.
Soprano Renee Fleming will sing the national anthem.
The halftime Show will feature Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Commercials:

Why wait for the game? Check them out here.

… and don’t forget the over-hyped “banned” ads, you will never see…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxq4ziu-wrI?rel=0]

Find out who else is spending $4 million a pop on spots for the Super Bowl.

The Marijuana Bowl?

Washington and Colorado both have legalized recreational marijuana, and they both made it to the Super Bowl.

Who will win?

The Broncos… [Update: 03/02/2014] Ummm… I mean the Seahawks!

By: Mike Benny

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Cheaters Guide to the #SuperBowl

Ready coach
Ready coach!

The Cheaters Guide to Super Bowl Sunday – for people who know nothing about football but want to feel like they belong…

-The teams are the New England Patriots vs.  the New York Giants.
-Anybody asks? You are cheering for The Patriots (safe bet).
-The Giants beat Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl after New England went undefeated that year. A solid line anytime anyone asks about 2008 is “I do not want to talk about it.”
-New England has won 3 Super Bowls and lost 3.
-The Giants have won 3 and lost 1.
-The Giants QB is Eli Manning.
-New England’s QB is Tom Brady.
-The Super Bowl is in Indianapolis.
-The Super Bowl trophy is called “The Vince Lombardi Trophy”.
-7,550 pounds of hot dogs will be eaten at the stadium during the game.
-The only day when more food is consumed in the U.S. is Thanksgiving Day.

Go Patriots!!

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Giving thanks for the Super Bowl

Today’s show brought to you by The Super Bowl. Not the football game this weekend; but the bowl Mrs. Kelly uses to cut Rick’s hair!

The facts are..

Super Bowl is on Sunday!

Pittsburgh and Green Bay

The Steelers and Packers

Aaron Rodgers vs Ben Roethlisberger

The Terrible Towels against the Cheeseheads

Black and gold against green and gold

The dynasty of the 60’s against the dynasty of the 70’s

By the way, The Steelers win (I saw them rehearsing in TMZ last night)

No cheerleaders this year (neither team has a cheerleader squad)

Advertisers will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for ads people will see once on the telecast and then see thousands and thousands of times on Youtube the next day!

7,552 pounds of hot dogs will be eaten at the stadium during the game

The only day when more food is consumed in the US is Thanksgiving Day

So, chow down and give thanks that it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Go Steelers!


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