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Top Ten Techie Gifts For Under $50


Chromecast $45 … plugs into your tv so you can watch your phone on a big screen

Chromecast (audio) $45 … same, ‘cept for your music

Micro SD card $30 … add 32 gig storage to your phone [Amazon]

Mini speakers $29 … mini speakers that plug in to your phone or computer and charge via USB [Amazon]

Headphones (earbuds) $12 [Walmart]

USB charger (wall charger or car charger) $29 … everyone needs an extra [Best Buy]

Portable power bank $30 … charge it up and then use it to charge your phone on the go [Amazon]

Google Play card $25 / $50

Selfie stick $15 [Canadian Tire]

A domain name $15 … give them their own domain name and their own personalized email! [GoDaddy]

On the “No list”…

Phone case … too personal

Portable Bluetooth speakers … they are available for under $50, but they’re crappy unless you’re willing to spend well over $100

Did I miss any?

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#CodeCreate #HourOfCode


It was inspiring and fun to be a part of ‪#‎CodeCreate‬ yesterday and do our part for ‪#‎HourofCode‬. Over 100 kids here in #cityofPG (and a few grown ups – MLA Shirley Bond and Mayor Lyn Hall) ‘surprising themselves at the possibilities’.

Thank you to the Innovation Central Society for the invite and thank you to Monica and all the mentors from ‪#‎sd57‬ who do this every day.

CWEvG6lUAAAwKw0.jpg large

Photo creds: https://twitter.com/CodecreateBC

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Top five ways to tell it’s 1986

1986 guy
image: www.torontosun.com

Did you hear the story about the family in Guelph that is living like it’s 1986?

The plan is to continue living like it’s 1986 until April 2014.

No computers, no tablets, no smart phones, no fancy coffee machines, no Internet, no cable…

… they’re doing it because their kids – Trey, 5, and Denton, 2 – wouldn’t look up from their parents’ iPhones and iPads long enough to kick a ball around the backyard.


To help out, here are Mike’s top five ways to tell it’s 1986…

  • You went to see a Tom Cruise movie and it was pretty good. Top Gun.
  • You went to Google something and nothing happened
  • Mike is only on his his third co-host
  • You broke your big toe when you dropped your cell phone on it
  • Ashley is three years old, so slightly shorter but just as gassy.
  • You find faxing so much more convenient than snail mail
  • The most embarrassing thing so far in Billy Ray Cyrus’s life is Billy Ray Cyrus
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How to fix – Home button not working on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

The Home button not working can be the result of dropping your phone, getting your phone wet or just dust (or sometimes stuff just tanks). Fortunately it’s a hardware problem with a software workaround.

This will work with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using iOS6 or earlier.

1. Hold the power button down to force a full shutdown and restart of your phone.

2. Touch Settings

3. Then General


4. Scroll down and find Accessibility


5. Under the heading “Physical & Motor” turn on AssistiveTouch.


6. You’ll notice a little glowing circle in the top left of the screen.

7. Touch the circle and there’s your new Home button!


I hope this works for you, if not you might find a few other suggestions on this Apple.com thread.

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