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#CodeCreate #HourOfCode

It was inspiring and fun to be a part of ‪#‎CodeCreate‬ yesterday and do our part for ‪#‎HourofCode‬. Over 100 kids here in #cityofPG (and a few grown ups – MLA Shirley Bond and Mayor Lyn Hall) ‘surprising themselves at the possibilities’. Thank you to the Innovation Central Society for the invite and thank you …

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Top five ways to tell it’s 1986

Did you hear the story about the family in Guelph that is living like it’s 1986? The plan is to continue living like it’s 1986 until April 2014. No computers, no tablets, no smart phones, no fancy coffee machines, no Internet, no cable… … they’re doing it because their kids – Trey, 5, and Denton, …

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